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Put your workforce to work

We match your idle staff to short-term contracts from reputable companies.


Do you need high quality staff?

Have you ever struggled to find the right, high quality staff to complete your contracts? Get unprecedented access to the available, hidden talent inside Australia’s best companies.

Gain the high quality staff you need that bring with them the reputation, training and quality associated with the parent company.


Do you have underutilised staff?

Have you ever felt the pain of having to let go of a valuable staff member because you couldn’t afford to keep them between contracts? Bridge the gap in-between jobs with short-term contracts suited to your employee’s skill set and availability.

Your staff remain employees of your business so you can retain their valuable corporate knowledge.


Main Benefits


Find Contracts

Ensure that your best staff stay in your business.


Find Staff

High quality, short-term staff to deliver on your contracts.


Supply and Demand

Manage the Peaks and Troughs of your business cycle.


Experienced Workers

Benefit from the training, processes & mentoring of the hired company.



Set Availabilities

Easily nominate when your employees are available.


Free Supplier Sourcing

Gain access to skilled, available professionals when you need them.


360° Rating System

Assures and promotes the quality of your business and your employees.

Secure & Confidential

Rest easy knowing your proprietary information is reliably protected.


1000 Jobs Pledge

BenchOn in conjunction with industry, is pledging to create 1000 new, full-time jobs in industry in the next 12 months. Unlike other job pledges in this country, BenchOn conducted extensive research and modelling with small business to create a pledge model that empowers businesses to grow and create sustainable jobs. Join us in the pledge to support small business growth and help create more robust industries. It's free to pledge so you have nothing to lose and industry has everything to gain!

BenchOn provides us with an innovative and cost effective way to manage our periods of employee underutilisation while concurrently providing us access to high quality talent from reputable companies to meet our peak demand requirements.
— Chris Otley-Doe, Managing Director of RubiKon

Idle staff are wasted staff

Stop the waste in your business and put your workforce to work On BenchOn.