Consistent work creates jobs.

You can help by pledging to match your short-term contracts to Australian businesses with spare capacity in their professional workforce.


Pledge Progress


Our aim is to create 1000 new full-time jobs. It's free so make the pledge with BenchOn now!

27 Jobs already created. 

We have some big partners soon to be announced for the Pledge, so stay tuned!


How it works


Job pledges traditionally just try to pressure businesses to create jobs out of thin air. Instead, BenchOn through our research and modelling into small business growth has created a job creation model that empowers businesses to create stable jobs by increasing their consistency in work and increasing their cash flow. In this way, we are creating the jobs that will support the next generation, not just the next election cycle.


The Problem

Small business can't grow and create new jobs in an environment of financial risk associated with inconsistent contract work. Gaps in contracts create too much cost with employees on the bench.

Employee Utilisation

Average utilisation rate is 73%. Average salary is $87k. So, a Company with 100 staff is losing $2.3m/year in under-utilisation costs (which could be translated into 23 new jobs). 


The Solution

Utilisation improves when short-term contracts are used to fill the gaps in contract work, so we built the platform to do it. Businesses pledge to match their short-term contracts to the businesses that are best placed to fill them.


The Pledge

Create consistent work for small business, pledge to fill your short-term contracts through the platform now. For every $100,000 saved, you empower a business to create one new, stable, full-time job.


Why a jobs pledge?

There is a lot of talk about talent shortage, but no sustainable and industry changing solutions. Small businesses will continue to lose quality people and shut down due to inconsistent work, unless something that actually tackles the issue head on is done. BenchOn has conducted extensive research in the small business community and developed a win/win model that empowers business to grow and create jobs while also improving the cost and efficiency of supplier matching. This is collaboration in action and we can all do our part!



What does your pledge mean?

In making the pledge, your company is saying to the rest of industry that you recognise the importance of a strong industry base and that you are doing your part to support small business growth. It simply requires you to source your short-term contract requirements through BenchOn - oh and its free! Benefits to you are:

  1. Free supplier sourcing with matches occurring within 24hrs to available companies (save thousands on your sourcing costs!)
  2. Free marketing and PR as part of the campaign. Be recognised for the social impact you are creating.
  3. Win BenchOn awards for the biggest job creator in industry. Monthly winners will be announced and there will be an awards night at the conclusion of the pledge for the biggest job creator of the year!
I got sick of seeing business cut staff numbers just to survive and keep operating, only to lose future contracts because they then didn’t have the staff to complete them. Politicians talk a lot about creating jobs yet do nothing to empower businesses to achieve that goal. I figured, its time as an industry we take this into our own hands. Join me in fixing our industry and help create stable jobs for the next generation.
— Tim Walmsley, CEO of BenchOn

The Pledge

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