Matching underutilised staff to short-term contracts from reputable companies.

BenchOn is a Queensland startup that is solving the problem of employee underutilisation which is costing the Australian economy billions each year in lost productivity. Within industries that are heavily contracts or projects based, underutilisation increases costs, reduces job stability and decreases business growth. To address this problem, BenchOn has developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) marketplace solution that matches idle staff to short-term contracts from reputable companies and Government Agencies. Through this solution, BenchOn aims to create more job stability, stimulate business growth and create new jobs in the economy.

The idea for BenchOn was born when our CEO, Tim Walmsley, in his role as an executive in Defence Industry realised that the problem of employee underutilisation was two sided. Employees on the ‘bench’ is a critical issue for small to medium businesses as it cripples their cash flow and forces them to lose valuable employees. At the same time, large organisations are frustrated that they do not have a ‘bench’ of high quality staff ready to respond to short notice tasks from their clients. BenchOn efficiently matches these two parties and allows them to manage the peaks and troughs of their business cycle with either contracts for their idle employees or high quality staff to support during surges.

BenchOn currently supports the following industries and skill sets:

  • Defence
  • IT
  • Cyber Security
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Project Management

Our unique business model matches companies to contracts based on their available staff's qualifications, skill sets and experience which means we are breaking down industry boundaries to provide you access to the hidden talent inside the best companies, regardless of what industry they are in. 

Best of all, BenchOn is a risk free solution! It is completely free to sign-up and create your company and employee profiles. Also, unique to BenchOn, it is a completely free service for businesses with jobs to fill. Simply fill out the job request form and let us do the rest! Our service pricing model is applied to the company providing the resource at 10% of the invoiced price however, you don't pay us until you are paid! So, to sum up, we succeed when you do.


Meet the Team!

Tim - CEO

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John - BD & Client Relations

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Katie - Business Operations

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Claire - Product Manager

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