A cost effective way to manage periods of employee underutilisation while providing us access to high quality talent
— Mr Chris Otley-Doe, Managing Director or Rubikon Group
 Logistics Engineering Services 

Logistics Engineering Services 

"BenchOn provides us with the ability to meet our short and medium term contracts when we are unable to meet this demand ourselves. Their response to requests and provision of quality person from companies we may never have reached out to or heard of for support has enabled us to maintain and meet the demands of our clients. It is a win win for us and the company we work for and the client is the beneficiary of the innovative and cost effective approach to business which BenchOn provides."

- Mr Warren Smith, Business Development Manager of Logistics Engineering Services

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"We were struggling to find the right sub-contractor for a contract so it looked like we were going to have to turn down the work. Instead, we put the contract through BenchOn and we had a match that same day! The company we were matched to provided such a high quality professional that our client actually increased the seniority of his position and extended the contract. BenchOn has access to some amazing companies within industry and they continually find us the hidden, specialised skill sets that we need to continually exceed our client's expectations. BenchOn has become a regular part of our sourcing processes."

- Mr Keith Armstrong, Managing Director of Noventus


“As sub-contractors, keeping the pipeline full is a constant challenge.  Working with BenchOn, however, means that we can get access to a huge market out there.  Tim and his team do all the hard work of finding the opportunities in the market for us; we respond when an opportunity comes up and win the work.  For our last job, BenchOn connected us with a great contractor and it has just opened more doors for us for future work.  Working with BenchOn is seamless; we now see them as integral partners in growing our business.  We look forward to working with them again in the future.”

- Mr Tim Keefe, Director of Professional Mastery

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"BenchOn provides us with an innovative and cost effective way to manage our periods of employee underutilisation while concurrently providing us access to high quality talent from reputable companies to meet our peak demand requirements."

- Mr Chris Otley-Doe, Managing DIrector of Rubikon Group